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Four Players the Eagles Should Trade Before the Deadline

We all knew the Philadelphia Eagles would be in the playoff mix by the time the trade deadline came around, but let's be honest, we didn't expect 2-4-1 to be "the playoff mix". There is no question this team lacks talent and depth at key positions, but what this team lacks at some positions, they make up for depth at others. With the trade deadline coming up on November 3rd, the Eagles will look to stock up on talent and draft picks for the future. Here are a couple of players they could use as trade bait:

WR Alshon Jeffery

I don't know very many fans that want Alshon on this roster past November 3rd, and I don't think he wants to be here either. Reports say that the Eagles have been trying to move Jeffery for a while now, but the issue is the massive contract he's attached to. No team with any real playoff aspiration wants that contract on the books. I see this as a situation where Philly needs a team that is tanking to take him, a lot like the Brock Osweiler situation a couple of seasons ago. Maybe they could convince the New York Jets to take Jeffery's contract on and let him be a mentor for their rookie receiver Denzel Mims.

Suggested Trade: Alshon Jeffery & 5th Round Pick for New York Jets LB Avery Williamson

WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

Some may say it is too early to move on, but sometimes you have to look forward. Travis Fulgham does everything Arcega-Whiteside was drafted to do -- get open, play physical, grab contested balls, etc. So they should trade JJAW while he still has the value of being young and raw. There are plenty of WR-needy teams in win-now mode, the Green Bay Packers being one of them. This is purely a trade based on poor play and future needs.

Suggested Trade: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside to the Green Bay Packers for a 5th Round Pick

DE Derek Barnett

This one is hard. His contract is coming to an end, and he just hasn't produced like a first-round pick. I mean, the man broke Reggie Whites sack record at Tennessee, so we had reason to be excited. Barnett has yet to tally more than 5.0 sacks in a season. With Brandon Graham having the best year of his career and Josh Sweat playing better, Barnett is now expendable. We will always remember him for the fumble recovery in the Super Bowl LII, but the time to part from him is now so the team doesn't let him walk in free agency for nothing.

Suggested Trade: Derek Barnett for any Guard with starter potential on the market

LB Nate Gerry

This trade proposal is purely because of his bad play. Gerry couldn't stop a sneeze in a tissue factory. Chances of him being traded are slim because Schwartz likes him, but we all wish. But Philly SHOULD trade him. He is just playing so bad. I regret standing up for him before the season started because he is making me look bad. I just wish they would start Shaun Bradley or Davion Taylor. Because of his poor play, he's not likely to have any trade value. If an offer is somehow made by a team thinking he just needs a change of scenery, the Eagles need to pounce on it

Suggested Trade: Literally anything anybody offers is more valuable



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