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Four Cornerbacks the Eagles can Add Before the Trade Deadline

Clearly, the Eagles have an issue at corner they need to fix. After the (expletive) show they demonstrated during the Vikings game, it’s clear they need to make some moves. Now that they have failed to get Jalen Ramsey from the Jaguars by letting the Rams grab him, there are a few options they have left to go with. Let’s go over some of them:

1. Patrick Peterson

Peterson has been a great corner for years for the Cardinals and could be a good moving chip for the Cardinals as they continue to rebuild their team. The Eagles would benefit greatly from this move and would give up at most a first and either another pick or a player. This move would immensely improve this team, as it'll be a first time in a long time the Eagles have an All-Pro cornerback on their roster.

2. Xavien Howard

Another good option for the Birds would be the 26-year-old corner from the Dolphins. The Dolphins are clearly in tank mode and want to get as many picks as possible. Howard is a very good corner, earning a Pro Bowl nomination in 2018, and could immediately improve this team just by being on the field. He is young and will he dominant in this league for years to come, as he already has 11 interceptions in 39 career games. A first should do the trick (and that's nothing considering the return they are getting).

3. Joe Haden

Cleary the Steelers have some issues and may want to look toward retooling a little since Big Ben is nearing the end of his storied career. This trade could get the Birds a good corner and only lose one early-round pick for him. If I was the Steelers GM, I would listened to options on moving him and helping this team move forward. He may be on the wrong side of 30 already, but the Eagles defense could immensely improve with a solid veteran like Haden.

4. Janoris Jenkins

The Eagles probably don't want to help another team within their division, but Jenkins would be a fine addition. Sending over an early or mid-round draft pick for him should allow for a trade to go through. It won’t help as much as some of the other trades above, but he is better than every other corner they have healthy right now. He is very physical and someone that can give some effort to the defense. Jenkins is on the wrong side of 30 like Haden, but he also has one Pro Bowl to his name along with 21 career interceptions.

These aren’t the only moves they can make, but the top four I can think of that would make a difference on this team. If you have any other cornerbacks you feel the Eagles should try to acquire, comment your other suggestions or thoughts! And let's all hope they actually make a move to help this struggling secondary.

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