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Former Eagles Support Nick Foles in Time of Need

Nick Foles had a week that no family ever wants to experience. The former Eagles quarterback missed his Jaguars OTAs this week, which was first to be revealed as a personal matter. His wife Tori took to Instagram yesterday to set everything straight about what was happening with their family, as she announced she had a miscarriage of their second baby, which was going to be their first son.

Luckily, Eagles quarterbacks coach Press Taylor and his family were down visiting Foles for the weekend as they have remained friends even after Foles left the team this past March. The Taylor family was able to be there for the Foles family in their time of need.

The Taylor's aren't the only ones who have supported Foles, as current and former Eagles all chimed in to share their condolences with their former teammate.

These former teammates showed that once you put on midnight green together in the locker room at Lincoln Financial Field, you become family. Continue to keep our Super Bowl hero in your thoughts.

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