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Former Eagle Says Team Needs to Stop Having Sex to Turn Things Around

This isn't the start to the season that Eagles players and fans wanted. Each person has their on thoughts about how the team can turn things around - from benching Jalen Mills to trading for Le'Veon Bell, etc. Most of those claims have good logic and reasoning behind it, but one former Eagle has an interesting take on what he thinks the team should do (or stop doing) to start playing better.

Garry Cobb was an Eagles linebacker from 1985-1987, and today he joined Fox29's morning show to talk about the team, where he shared that he believes the team should stop having sex in order to turn things around. Seriously.

"The Boys need to get cut off...from sex" Cobb tells the rest of the panel. Cobb says sex clogs the mind and if the Eagles give it up they will start thinking clearer.

I have a strong feeling most Eagles players won't like this idea to try to shake things up.


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