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Former Eagle is Now a Professional Poker Player

When he was an Eagle for four season, Evan Mathis was a force to be reckoned with. He was named an All-Pro guard once, and added two Pro Bowl appearances in his time in Philadelphia, cementing himself as one of the best guards in Eagles history.

Upon being released from the team before the 2015 season, Mathis played two more seasons in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos, before calling it a career. Even though he isn't making millions of dollars on the field anymore, he is raking in money during his retirement. He sold a rookie Mickey Mantle baseball card for $2.88 Million, and now he is playing professional poker. In fact, in January he was one of the last 38 players standing in the PokerStars Players Hold'em Championship in the Bahamas.

Mathis ended up being eliminated on day four of the tournament, when he busted in 35th place. He still made a cool $86,400 for his work in that tournament. Although, three days later at another poker tournament in the Bahamas he came in 6th place, and won $192,480.

So far in his short poker career (just those two events), Mathis has racked up $278,880. If you ever run into Mathis on the street, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to invite him to your poker night...maybe just invite him over to watch a Birds game.

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