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Former Cowboys Talent Evaluator Says Eagles Have Best Roster in the NFL

After an offseason filled with tons of roster moves, Eagles fans are getting antsy to watch a very talented team take the field at the Linc. Many people feel that the Eagles upgraded this offseason, and Zach Ertz is already on record saying this is the most talented team he has ever been apart of.

Ertz isn't the only one who thinks this Eagles team is the most special group in the NFL, as former Cowboys talent evaluator and Hall of Famer Gil Brandt is also saying the Eagles are the best-rostered team in the NFL right now, and possibly already the best in 2020 and 2021.

Here's what Brandt had to say about the 2019 Eagles:

"What puts the Eagles in the top spot isn't just the roster assembled by GM Howie Roseman -- it's the fact that so much core talent is locked into contracts through at least 2021. That core includes several who are considered among the best at their respective positions, like quarterback Carson Wentz (signed through 2024), defensive tackle Fletcher Cox (2022), tight end Zach Ertz (2021) and center Jason Kelce (2021). The Eagles are also at the point where the NFL draft can be used to build for the future rather than being relied upon as a source of players who can provide an immediate impact. For example, Philly was able to snag offensive tackle prospect Andre Dillard, who can essentially redshirt for a year while being groomed to replace Jason Peters next season, in this year's draft."

Brandt knows talent when he sees it. When he was in charge of putting together the Dallas Cowboys, Brandt was the architect of two Super Bowl winning teams and 5 NFC Champion teams, while winning the NFC East 13 times and putting together 20 consecutive winning seasons.

You know Howie Roseman is doing a good job when he is earning praise from a well-regarded "football guy" like Brandt. Now all there is left to do for this team is to string W's together throughout the season and into January and early February.

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