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Fletcher Cox Returns on One-Year Deal

There were 43 hours where Fletcher Cox was not a Philadelphia Eagle, but both parties made sure that #91 will be back on the field in midnight green in 2022. Today the Eagles are reportedly bringing Cox back on a one-year deal.

It’s unclear how much money the Eagles have in dead cap because of the release, and it is still unclear how much of a cap hit Cox will have in 2022. But as it stands Cox will retain his starting DT spot next to Javon Hargrave, but Milton Williams could see an increase in snaps this upcoming season. Howie Roseman loves depth on his o-line and d-line so it wouldn’t come as a surprise either if he still uses an early draft pick on a young DT.

As of today Cox is 12th in games played in Eagles history. If he is able to play all 17 games in 2022 (and depending on how many games Brandon Graham and Jason Kelce play since they are above him), he could end up as high as 5th in Eagles history in games played.



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