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Fletcher Cox Reacts to Cowboys Trading for Amari Cooper

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

With news of the Cowboys trading for Amari Cooper, people all around the league are reacting in many ways. One of the players who had a reaction today was Fletcher Cox, who took to Twitter to share his shock.

Maybe he was shocked because he thought the Eagles had a chance to trade for his since it is rumored that Howie Roseman is looking to bring in Wide Receiver help. Instead of coming to the Eagles, Cox and the rest of the defense will have to play Cooper for two games in a tight division race.

It was doubtful that Roseman would have given up a 1st round pick for Cooper, so he likely wasn't even close to potentially landing Cooper. With the trade deadline looming, time is running out for Roseman to find a trade partner. With the team at 3-4 and coming off a melt-down of a loss, he will need to shake up the team somehow if he wants a chance at a Super Bowl repeat.

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