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Fletcher Cox Finds Himself in Middle of Love Triangle Once Again

Last week as the team was preparing to face the Dallas Cowboys, Fletcher Cox missed the Wednesday practice and the team deemed it as illness-related.

A Twitter account with a little over 250 follows "reported" that Cox's missed practice wasn't due to an illness, but instead he was dealing with a more personal matter that involved a woman and another man.

Most people brushed off the story and thought it was fake, but 6ABC has confirmed some parts of that initial story from "The Study Hall."

According to 6ABC, a man showed up at Cox's house looking for his ex-girlfriend to make amends. The man then allegedly damaged her vehicle before attempting to forcibly enter the home by throwing rocks through the front door. Cox armed himself with a shotgun before calling police to report the man attempting to break into his home. The man then fled from the scene which began a police pursuit that had to be called off at the Commodore Barry Bridge due to "erratic driving and identification of the suspect" U.S. Marshals captured the man a few days later.

Cox did nothing wrong so he won't be facing any suspensions or disciplinary action from the league or the Eagles, but this isn't the first time Cox has found himself in the middle of a lovers' quarrel.

During the middle of the Super Bowl season of 2017, Cox was flirting with a married North Carolina woman which later became an affair. It led to her husband suing her instead of divorcing her because adultery is not grounds for divorce in North Carolina.

Hopefully Cox is able to settle down soon to start a family if that's his true goal, because if he keeps playing with women who are married or have crazy ex-boyfriends, one of these times the guy is going to a lot further than trying to throw rocks through his house.

Also a fun side note is that the Eagles claimed Cox's missed practice as an illness rather than a "personal matter" so now we know you can't always trust what comes out on those reports. If Jason Kelce missing a practice due to his baby being born was considered a personal matter, then Cox's missed practice should have been declared the same thing.

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