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Five Eagles That Could Be Traded Before Tuesday's Deadline

The trade deadline is coming up on October 29th, and I am expecting the Philadelphia Eagles to potentially be sellers more than buyers at this year's deadline. With a season that is just not going as planned, it's time to cut ties with some deadweight and use it to get some draft picks for next season, or even trade a few of these guys with a draft pick or two for a big target player to make this team live up to its potential with the Eagles just one game behind in the NFC East. Here are five Eagles that might not be calling Philadelphia home after next Tuesday:

1) Sidney Jones

Jones was a risk from the very beginning knowing his injury issue when he was drafted in the second round in 2017. Multiple injuries have showed up his whole career, and he has not even played an entire season's worth of games (15 games so far) in his three-year career. Even when on the field, he was not able to get into a rhythm with the defense to show why he was even worth the risk. Maybe another team will see potential in him.

2) Ronald Darby

Like Jones, Darby has had problems with injuries which is why the Buffalo Bills let him go back in 2017. He showed some flashes of hope, but the consistency was a problem. I am now realizing how much he and Jones are alike. It shows what the Eagles would have to put up with if they kept either. He's a free agent at the end of the season, so it might be worth trading him to salvage a draft pick out of him if the team plan on not re-signing him in the offseason.

3) Jason Peters

This one would be a hard one to deal with. The reason why this one is so tough is that he is a future Hall of Famer, but he probably needed to retire either after the Super Bowl win or after last year's playoff run, but instead chose to keep playing this year. I respect him, but at this point he can’t seem to play a whole season let alone a whole game which was the case last year. I would certainly rather see him get benched to teach his protégé, Andre Dillard, than to just let him just go. However, if a team is calling the Eagles for his services, it certainly may be worth letting him go somewhere else if a pick can be added to this year's draft capital.

4) Nelson Agholor

The first round draft pick of the Eagles in 2015, this guy was hot and cold his whole career, but when he was hot he really got the audience’s attention. However, when he gets cold (like he is now), the whole fan base tears into him for his problem with dropping key catches. He is sure to get some interest even with only having two great years under his belt. The Eagles tried to make a deep threat out of him in the absence of DeSean Jackson and he just could not track the ball so it's time they move on and get a draft pick instead of letting him walk in free agency.

5) Alshon Jeffery

I know the Carson Wentz to Jeffery connection is finally heating up, but it's sad to say that the offense just can't thrive with Jeffery being the go-to guy. Wentz has an issue with throwing the 50/50 ball. Instead, he needs a fast receiver who can break free from the cornerback. Just look at how successful the Wentz to DeSean Jackson connection was in Week One. Using Jeffery as trade bait would allow for both parties to win. Jeffery would go to a system he fits better in and the Eagles could take a playmaker who fits the system making it a win/win. This would also allow the team to see if J.J. Arcega-Whiteside could potentially be Jeffery's successor in the offense (although so far that hasn't been the case at all).

As hard as it is to imagine any of these guys leaving the team, it’s time to be proactive so this team can play up to its potential. It’s the tough decisions that will make this team become Super Bowl contenders once again, whether that be this season or in the near future.



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