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First Half Take-Aways from Eagles - Cowboys

Through the first half of tonights game, the Birds are trailing the Cowboys 13-3.  Here are some takeaways from the game so far, and what the Eagles should do coming out in the second half.

  1. Dak Prescott is bad at QB – This is not a novel concept, but Dak has missed a number of throws and is telegraphing passes. He has missed a few 3rd down conversions and is very hesitant.

  2. Doug’s goal line challenge – albeit the Eagles ended up winning the challenge, regardless it was a risk worth taking. One yard is huge from the 5 yard line in. The very next play, Dak rushed for a 1.5 – 2 yard gain, making the 3rd down play call a bit different. Instead, the Eagles knew Dallas was going to throw the ball and came up with a sack

  3. The Eagles D-Line is dominating – Cox and Bennett specifically are having their way with the Cowboys O-line. The unit as a whole is playing well, but needs to get home. Graham had a great sack early and another late

  4. Eagles tackles playing average – Big V at least hasn’t been a liability tonight. JP was beat by Gregory on the Eagles 3rd drive, but hasn’t been awful other than that

  5. Wentz made a mistake on the Vander Esch INT – when coming back to Ertz on his reads, Wentz didn’t see Vander Esch sitting in zone coverage and hit him in the chest. Unfortunately, Tate was open underneath on a drag. I thought he may have tried for Tate and overthrew himJosh Adams has looked good during his snaps – Adams took his first carry for a gain of 2, and then burst off the right side for a 20+ yard pickup. Has been decent in pass pro as well.

Looking to see more of the below from the Eagles

  1. Get Tate the ball on drag routes – Tate has been the best WR in YAC over the past few seasons. He torched Dallas earlier in the season with the ball in his hands. Dallas corners are good, but their tackles can be broken.

  2. Run Adams more – Josh Adams has ran well tonight when given the opportunity. He should have at least 15 carries by the end of the night.

  3. Let Cox continue to eat against the guards – Cox plays well in prime time. He needs to take this game over.

  4. Aggressive Defense – When Dallas is converting 3rd and 12+, you’re not aggressive. The last drive, and the Cowboys’ second scoring drive is when the Eagles allowed huge gains on 3rd down, allowing the Cowboys to extend drives and score. On 3rd and 2, corners are 7 yards off the ball. Not to beat a dead horse, but the Eagles should be pressuring Dak Prescott and forcing errors.

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