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Fines Handed Out to Both Teams After NFCCG Beatdown

We all remember the 49ers being sore losers at the end of the NFC Championship Game. Trent Williams (6’5, 320lbs) took out his frustration on K’Von Wallace (5’11, 205lbs) by grabbing Wallace’s pads from behind and body-slamming him into the ground.

A melee ensued and players from both benches ran onto the field to try to fight.

The league issued a fine for Trent Williams, but Brandon Graham was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct as well. In fact, BG was fined more money than Williams.

Dre Greenlaw was also fined for punching at Kenny Gainwell’s arms after the whistle had blown the play dead.

It’s unclear why BG was fined more than the 49ers players, but ultimately he ends up ahead of them. All Eagles players will get bonuses for playing in the Super Bowl. If they lose the Super Bowl each Eagle will make ~$75,000, but if they win the Super Bowl each Eagles will make ~$150,000.

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