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Film Breakdown Shows Jalen Mills Had Solid Game Against the Giants

If there's been one position area that has been the team's scapegoat for their weak start to the season, it has been the secondary. Specifically, Jalen Mills has been called out by fans, who have pleaded for Jim Schwartz to bench him or at the very least move him to safety so his speed doesn't stay as a liability.

Mills and the rest of the defense had a bounce-back game against the Giants on Thursday. Former Eagle Brian Baldinger broke down some film of the game, and pointed out the positives and negatives of Mills' game.

Baldinger points out that Mills didn't have a perfect game, but still had a pretty impressive one. Mills' tackling was solid overall, and just had one hiccup in coverage. Mills was deadly in the redzone, breaking up two passes that would have been touchdowns if they ended up being completed.

This film proves more of what most Eagles fans know about Mills: he has some positives to his game along with noticeable flaws.

Positives: solid tackler, plays like an All-Pro in the redzone

Negatives: lacks speed, gets beat deep when he doesn't have help, gets killed by double moves

It doesn't seem likely Schwartz will be benching Mills any time soon, so Eagles fans will just have to deal with what Mills has proved he is.

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