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ESPN Predicts Carson Wentz's New Mega Deal

It isn't a secret - Carson Wentz is gonna get PAID.

The Eagles franchise quarterback finished his 3rd NFL season in 2018, meaning that this offseason the Eagles could sign him to a new contract. 2019 is the final season of his rookie deal, in which he is slated to earn ~$8.5 Million. Starting in 2020, Wentz will start earning somewhere between 3-4 times that $8.5 Million figure.

ESPN's Bill Barnwell recently put together a detailed article predicting the mega-extensions franchise quarterbacks could get this offseason. Here's a breakdown of some of the most notable predictions.

If this is how these contracts end up playing out, Eagles fans will likely be elated. Getting Carson Wentz to agree to a contract that will earn him less money than Jameis Winston would be a huge win for Howie Roseman. Averaging a $29.2 Million cap hit/year would be a little hard to swallow at first, but Howie Roseman has shown fans enough to earn his trust that he will put together a championship team that doesn't go over the cap limit. Howie Roseman freed up over $50 Million in future cap space this offseason, and has allowed the Eagles to currently have $19 Million to either spend on other free agents, or he could let most/all of that money roll over in 2020 and help with Carson's eventual new deal.

A five-year deal would also be beneficial for the Eagles, because if Wentz continues to have injury issues in the future, it doesn't hamper the team's distant future, and they could decide to move on from Wentz sooner rather than later. It could also be considered a win for Wentz too, because if he overcomes his injury prone tag and returns to his MVP-caliber form, he would be in his early-30s when this mega-deal expires, allowing him to potentially earn a second big-money contract.

To wrap things up, if this predicted contract comes to fruition, fans might be stunned to see a figure that's so high for an injury-prone quarterback and have a knee-jerk reaction that blasts Howie Roseman and company. That shouldn't be the case. This would be a pretty solid deal for both parties. Plus if the predicted Dak Prescott contract goes through, the Cowboys; future wouldn't be too bright, allowing the Eagles to have a better shot of making the playoffs year after year.

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