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ESPN Predicts Back to Back Super Bowl Champs

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Most Philadelphia fans can’t stand “analytics”, but when analytics project you to repeat as Super Bowl Champions and to beat the Patriots again – we can find a way for the relationship to work. ESPN released their annual FPI or Football Power Index results and the biggest story to come from it is that the Birds are going to be parading down Broad St. in early February.

ESPN’s Football Power Index is a statistical model that predicts different events over the NFL season. Obviously, this is all based on teams “on paper”, but the model clearly thinks highly of the Eagles roster and Dougie – P. The Super Bowl rematch matchup is favored so much so that the next highest probable matchup is 7% less likely to occur. For reference on the history of the FPI, this model gave the Eagles a 1% chance to bring home the Lombardi Trophy in 2017 and the Patriots a 34.7% chance.

Since the model has already told us who the Super Bowl 53 champs are going to be, why do we need to play the actual season? Fantasy football of course.



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