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ESPN Analyst Predicts MVP Season for Carson Wentz

We are still a little over three months away from the start of the 2019 season, but the takes for the upcoming league year are starting. One prediction that rustled up some feathers was ESPN analyst Louis Riddick claiming that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will be this year's MVP.

Of course fans of other teams across the league chimed in to make sure everyone knows Wentz is injury prone, but it seems like many of them forgot that Wentz has already played a full season in the NFL before (16 games in 2016). Wentz also finished 3rd in MVP voting in 2017, and if he didn't get hurt in the Rams game he would have had three more games to prove he deserved as much of a vote as Tom Brady did back then. So for Riddick to believe that Wentz could be the MVP this season isn't that far fetched. Health will be the only question mark for Wentz in 2019, as he has been surrounded by enough talent to take the Eagles to the next level. A former NFL scout backed that claim up and says the Eagles will be in Super Bowl LIV if Wentz plays at a MVP level.

Lane Johnson is ready for the season to start so his quarterback can silence the haters.

Only 103 days until football, but who's counting?



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