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Eagles Won't Give Out #25 to Any New Players

LeSean McCoy hasn't worn an Eagles uniform since 2014. In the five seasons he has been away from the team, the team has never distributed a #25 jersey to a player on either side of the ball. After a recent interview, it appears that it is a permanent decision the team is making.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark interviewed newest Eagles safety Will Parks. In the interview, Clark brought up that Parks has talked to Cre'Von LeBlanc about acquiring the #34 (the number he wore with the Denver Broncos). LeBlanc responded by saying he will only give up #34 to Parks if the team will distribute #25 as his replacement number. So Parks decided to hit up McCoy and ask him why #25 has yet to be given out in Philly and to ask for permission for LeBlanc to wear it. McCoy's response was that the Eagles will not give that number out until he returns.

It's unclear if McCoy has received information from the team directly that they will not give out his number, or he is under the assumption the team will never give the number out since they have not done so in five consecutive years. Since he said they won't give that number out until he returns, that will bring up speculation of the team having an interest in bringing him back.

With McCoy turning 32 this offseason, it doesn't seem likely the Birds would have interest in him returning as a player. However, by saying when he returns, that could mean he would sign a one-day contract to retire with the Eagles. It might also mean that he would return to Philadelphia one time for a jersey retirement ceremony if the team is willing to officially retire it and put it into the rafters at Lincoln Financial Field. There is also a chance the team "unofficially" retires the jersey number, as they have previously done with Randall Cunningham (no one has worn #12 in Philadelphia since Cunningham's departure in 1995). The number could stay honored in that way until there comes a time in the distant future where the team runs out of jersey numbers to distribute and has to renounce the unofficial retirements of #12 and #25.

Information about a potential jersey retirement for the Eagles' all-time rushing leader won't come until "Shady" is ready to hang up his cleats. With Father Time catching up to him, retirement might not be too far down the road. For now though, it appears the Eagles will be keeping #25 on reserve.



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