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Eagles Week 1 2020 PFF Grades

The Eagles performance on Sunday against Washington may have looked bad, but when breaking down the grades from Pro Football Focus, you'll see that it was bad.

PFF grades each player on a play-to-play basis, based on their performance during the play, with a scale of -2 to +2. The scale is based on expectations for the player on a given down. If a player performs exactly how he should, he gets a 0 for that play. An example of a -2 play would be Joe Pisarcik fumbling a handoff inside 30 seconds in the 4th with a 17-12 lead. A +2 play would be Brandon Graham's strip-sack in Super Bowl LII. A player's grades are then converted into a single grade on a 0-100 scale.

That being said, let's dive into the PFF grades from Week One.

OFFENSE: Team Grade - 62.6

Best Grade: TE Dallas Goedert 85.5

No surprise here, Goedert was obviously the brightest part catching eight balls on nine targets for 101 yards and a touchdown. Goedert was also the best on the team in pass blocking with a grade of 78.5.

Worst Grade: QB Carson Wentz 41.3

Carson Wentz was the 2nd-lowest graded QB on Sunday, beating out only Jets QB Sam Darnold, who posted a 37.2 against Buffalo. Wentz was sacked a league-high 8 times, and zero throwaways likely aided in the lowering of his grade.

DEFENSE: Team Grade - 73.6

Best Grade: DE Josh Sweat 91.9

3rd-year defensive end, Josh Sweat was the 2nd-highest graded defensive lineman from Sunday's games. The former 4th round pick posted the highest pass-rush grade of the weekend with a 92.7.

Worst Grade: CB Avonte Maddox 36.9

Maddox was the 5th-worst graded corner on Sunday (min. 50 snaps).

Other Notable Grades:

OT Jordan Mailata received a pass protection grade of 76.7, the 2nd-highest grade given to an Eagles lineman, higher than starters Jason Kelce, Jason Peters, and Isaac Seumalo. This is after the Australian came in for injured Jack Driscoll.

A big contribution to the eight sacks on Carson Wentz was the lack of pass protection help from the running backs. Corey Clement and Boston Scott had pass protection grades of 25.0 and 29.2, respectively.

Perhaps the biggest silver lining from the weekend is the Eagles were the highest graded pass-rushing team on Sunday with a 90.0 while Washington was given a 74.7 even with eight sacks. What this means is PFF grading says the Eagles offensive line was worse than the WFT's defensive line was good.

Overall, the Eagles were given a 62.5 team grade, ranking 22nd. There is undoubtedly room for improvement after Week 1, but there are also pieces of the game to feel comfortable with.

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