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Eagles Wanted Robby Anderson Before Settling for Golden Tate

Howie Roseman was busy on the trade deadline, and ended up bringing in Golden Tate as a new weapon for Carson Wentz. However, a new report shows that Tate wasn't Roseman's first choice to bring in for receiver help. Instead, the team had their eyes on New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson.

Anderson is a Temple product who played many games at Lincoln Financial Field, so he wouldn't have had any problems adjusting to his "new" home. The Eagles were likely trying to give up less assets for a receiver like Anderson, who can still stretch the field and allow easier matchups for his teammates. The team couldn't get the Jets to budge and come to an agreement for Anderson, so they decided to give up a 3rd-round pick for a better overall talent in Golden Tate instead.

Howie Roseman probably would have liked to have gotten the Eagles better without giving up valuable assets, but he knows this is the window for the team to compete for another championship, so sometimes you need to give up valuable draft picks to pick up great players, which is exactly what they got in Golden Tate.

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