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Eagles vs Cowboys: This Time It's the Cowboys Who Are Banged Up

This is one of the two weeks all Eagles fans live for -- the Sunday we get to take on the Dallas Cowboys. Carson Wentz is coming in healthy and the defense is a little healthier than it was for last year's matchups. This year it seems like the Cowboys are the ones riddled with injuries rather than the Eagles. All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith and star wide receiver Amari Cooper are at the top of the list of potential no-gos for Sunday Night. These two would be the biggest losses for the Cowboys in my opinion.

Without Cooper, Dak Prescott does not have his safety net in the receiving game. Cooper has been huge for Prescott since being acquired in the middle of 2018. He has developed into an excellent route runner and is fantastic with the ball in his hand.

If Smith is out, Prescott loses his blindside protection, which could lead to more pressure and hits given out by the Eagles defensive line.

I won't make any guarantees about this game; the Eagles pass defense is still one of the worst in the NFL and the Cowboys still have receivers that can hurt you in Tavon Austin and Michael Gallup, not to mention another tough running back match up with Ezekiel Elliott. But without Amari Cooper, who is averaging 15.6 yards per catch on 33 receptions and five touchdowns this season, at least the Eagles possibly won't have to contend with that deep threat. The Eagles have a good shot to go win at Dallas -- again I'm not making any guarantees, but I will say it should be exciting.

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