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Eagles Tried to Persuade Torrey Smith Out of Retirement

The Eagles are desperate for some wide receiver help. The biggest piece of their offensive gameplan that is missing is a receiver who can stretch the field and make defenses stop playing so close to the line. So the team decided why not reach out to the guy who played that role in the Super Bowl winning season two years ago?

Howie Roseman reportedly reached out to Torrey Smith this week to try to bring him out of retirement, but Smith declined.

Now the Eagles need to look elsewhere for some help. They might not end up with a deep threat receiver, as it appears they are zeroing in on bringing back Jordan Matthews for the third time in his career.

In the coming days we will be finding out which other receivers the Eagles have been reaching out to, and which one they will end up signing. But right now the safe bet will be a reunion with JMatt.

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