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Eagles Stole a Play From the Patriots Playbook

The NFL is a copycat league, there is no denying that. After watching Tom Brady drop a pass in Super Bowl LII, the Eagles knew they could successfully run the play, eventually running the 'Philly Special' for a touchdown.

During Thursday's game against the Giants, Alshon Jeffery caught his 2nd touchdown of the game on a play most have never seen the Eagles run before. After the game, Jeffery was asked if they play was new, and he admitted that the team took the play right from the Patriots.

This is the play the Eagles copied. This is how Wentz and Jeffery copied it.

This isn't the first time this season a team has copied a play from another team. After the entire football world watched the 'Philly Special' live, there has been attempts of mimicking the play (which the Eagles initially took from the Chicago Bears). The Cleveland Browns successfully pulled the play off in their Week 3 game against the New York Jets.

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