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Eagles Set to Lose Compensatory Pick Thanks to a 49ers Transaction

Yesterday, the San Francisco 49ers announced that they released former Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews.

Ordinarily, moves like this would have zero impact on what is going on in Philadelphia. However, this move could potentially alter the Eagles' 2020 draft plans.

Matthews was set to count in favor of the Eagles gaining a 4th-round compensatory pick (for Golden Tate heading to New York). Now because he was released by the 49ers before Week 10, the Eagles are not projected to be gaining that pick anymore. This means the Eagles are only set to gain two compensatory picks in 2020: a 3rd-round pick (for Nick Foles heading to Jacksonville), and a 4th-round pick (for Jordan Hicks heading to Arizona). This means the Eagles are now down to nine projected picks for the 2020 draft.

This could change in the coming weeks though, as one more current Eagle is configured into the compensatory formula: Andrew Sendejo. If the Eagles release Sendejo at all before Week 10, then the Eagles would be set to get back that Golden Tate 4th-round compensatory pick. You have to believe that Howie Roseman would be smart enough to cut a run-of-the-mill guy like Sendejo to get that mid-round draft capital. If they can bank on receiving that 4th-round pick it might give Roseman more incentive to make a trade before Tuesday's trade deadline and be more willing to trade away a high draft-pick.

The Eagles have a perfect setup for if they would want to release Sendejo to get the compensatory pick back. The Eagles face the Chicago Bears in Week 9 then will have a bye week in Week 10. Roseman would likely cut Sendejo and sign a replacement for him before the bye week, giving the new safety addition an extra week to learn the defensive playbook.

So to recap, at this very moment the Eagles are now projected to have just two compensatory draft picks and nine total draft picks for 2020. Before Week 10 though, I would fully expect the Eagles to be back up to three compensatory draft picks and 10 total picks in 2020 when the team announces they have officially released Sendejo.

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