Eagles Set to Add Three Selections in Latest 2020 Draft Pick Compensation Update

On Friday, Over the Cap released its newest projected compensatory draft pick list for the upcoming 2020 draft. At the moment, the Eagles are projected to gain three extra picks:

•3rd Round (for Nick Foles)

•4th Round (for Jordan Hicks)

•4th Round (for Golden Tate)

That initially sounds like good news, but there is some uncertainty when it comes to those projections. OTC went on to say that there are certain players on cutoff bubbles between two different rounds, and some of those former Eagles fall on those bubbles:

•Nick Foles is on the bubble of potentially becoming a 4th round pick

•Golden Tate is on the bubble of potentially becoming a 5th round pick

The slots for all the compensatory draft picks will become official next month right around the time the NFL Combine gets under way.

Howie Roseman is set to gain three draft picks from the compensatory draft pick process, brining up his total number of draft picks for the draft in April to 10. All of those picks will certainly help out this Eagles team in 2020, as the team has some holes they need to patch up. Roseman could also use some of these extra draft picks to help trade up for a guy they feel can turn into a star (teams have been allowed to trade compensatory picks since 2017).

If everything unfolds the way it is projected, here's what the Eagles entire 2020 draft capital will look like:

The 2020 draft should definitely be an exciting one to watch for Eagles fans.


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