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Eagles Scouts Attend Ohio State's Pro Day

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

With a school known as a perennial power house in college football, you would almost expect the Eagles to have personnel in some fashion on site. Team scouts were seen on site at Ohio State's pro day, where they met with a guard prospect afterward. Here is a list of players that make sense for the team.

Demetrius Knox | G | 6'4 312lbs

The Eagles scouts met with Knox after his pro day last week. The senior guard's season ended with a foot injury, but word was that he was moving just fine at his pro day. This is another athletic guard that was asked to get out and pull a decent amount on film. Given that he can fully recover from the lisfranc surgery done this offseason, Knox has the potential to be a depth piece on the current offensive line, something the team will need throughout 2019 and beyond.

Current Projection: 6th-7th Round

Parris Campbell | WR | 6'0 205lbs

Campbell is a burner. With 4.31 speed (40-yard dash) one would think of Campbell as a consistent deep threat. Surprisingly enough, his average depth of target, or aDOT, in 2018 was a whopping 4.5 yards. The NFL average in the same year: 5.7 yards. Campbell tortured defenses with his shallow crosses and ability to make defenders miss, but he will need to prove that he can run crisp enough routes to take the top off defenses. The great thing about Campbell is that he was asked to do it all, similar to Percy Harvin coming out of Florida (Urban Meyer has a certain type of player). As long as he can develop his route tree in the NFL, Campbell can become a sure-fire starter in today's NFL.

Current Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

Terry McLaurin | WR | 6'0 208 lbs

McLaurin is another Ohio State burner with 4.3 speed. At the combine, McLaurin ran a 4.35 second 40-yard dash. While nothing on film absolutely stands out, it is still decent, and shows signs of development. McLaurin shows the ability to beat defenders at the top of the route, which will be key at the next level. To make in impact in 2019, McLaurin will most likely be doing so from special teams as a gunner, where he has some experience from OSU.

Current Projection: 3rd-5th Round

Dre'Mont Jones | DT | 6'3 281 lbs

Jones displayed his ability to rush the QB from the DT position all year at Ohio State. However, teams asked that Jones work out as a LB in this year's combine. Jones obliged, according to Austin Ward of The article also mentioned former teammate Nick Bosa, went to bat for Jones saying "he is the best interior pass rusher in the draft". Jones does have superior burst off of the line, and plays with the high motor defensive coaches like to see. As long as he can put on some weight, and keep out of the grasp of bigger offensive lineman more often than not, he should become a starter in the NFL.

Current Projection: 2nd Round

Johnnie Dixon | WR | 5'10 201lbs

When Haskins wanted to go deep, he looked for Dixon. How deep? Dixon averaged 32 yards per catch and eight touchdowns in 2018. Dixon won't be a day one starter on the outside as he still needs to polish his route running and clean up some tendencies that are tells to DBs. However, Dixon does possess the agility, quickness and speed to be an effective returner on special teams.

Current Projection: 7th Round

Isaiah Prince | T | 6'6 305lbs

Prince is a lengthy tackle with bad leverage. While he can use his length in times to offset the leverage, balance is important when facing the likes of DeMarcus Lawrence in the NFL. Prince will most likely be limited to a depth piece at RT, with potential to move into a starting role with development.

Current Projection: 5th Round

Mike Weber | RB | 5'10 215 lbs

Weber is not a top back in the 2018 draft, however he has good vision and downhill decision-making out of shotgun sets. Weber is not an overly fast back, but has the ability to make the first defender miss. Also, has an above average skill set out of the backfield, however is a liability in pass protection.

Current Projection: 5th Round



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