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Eagles Reward Fan Who Ran Into Subway Pillar

Last year's run through the Super Bowl had a lot of fans who turned into local heroes: The "Go Birds" kid, the "Tom Brady's wife" guy, the kid dancing on a car, and the Eagles mask guyjust to name a few. However, there was one fan who's viral video stood out from the rest - the fan who ran into the subway pillar.

The Eagles decided that he needed to be rewarded for the pain he put himself through to help the team advance to - and win - the Super Bowl.

This week the NFL decided to do a video piece on him and his love for the Philadelphia Eagles. They had him ride SEPTA to the station where he ran into the pole at. Once they reached that station he was greeted by Swoop, some Eagles cheerleaders and Mummers. They presented him and his family tickets to next week's game in London.

He won't be required to run into any pillars over in London, although he has promised to continue running into that same SEPTA pillar for every Eagles playoff game in the future to pump fans on the subway up.

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