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Eagles Reporter Speculates That Team Might Trade for David Johnson

With news of Jay Ajayi being out the rest of the season with a torn ACL, the Eagles are in desperate need of help at running back.

For a few weeks now, there has been speculation that the Eagles would be looking to trade for Le'Veon Bell. That might still end up being the case - but according to NBC Sports' Derrick Gunn, the Eagles might have a different All-Pro running back in mind.

Trading for David Johnson would be a huge power move by Howie Roseman. Even with drafting their potential franchise quarterback this year, the Cardinals seem to be on their way to a rebuild for at least the next two seasons. At the beginning of the season, the Cardinals locked up their star running back to a three-year extension with most of his contract being guaranteed.

If the Eagles want to make a trade for Johnson, they will have to make some other subsequent moves to help keep themselves below the salary cap. It doesn't seem like Howie Roseman would commit a lot of money to a running back, but with the team's window to win more Super Bowls being right now, he might find himself pulling the trigger on acquiring a star running back like Johnson or Bell to help get the offense rolling.

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