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Eagles Re-Sign Rodney McLeod

The Eagles are keeping one of their veteran safeties, as they are reportedly re-signing Rodney McLeod.

McLeod first joined the Eagles back in 2016 as a free agent and has complimented Malcolm Jenkins nicely over the past four seasons. The biggest play McLeod has made in his Eagles career so far was the 3rd-down stop on Brandin Cooks' run in Super Bowl LII, in which he slammed Cooks to the ground when he tried to hurdle the Eagles safety. The Patriots settled for an unsuccessful field-goal attempt, meaning McLeod saved potentially seven points on that play alone.

The safety tandem of McLeod and Jenkins appears to be breaking up though, as the team will not exercise Jenkins' 2020 contract option. If a breakup is officially in the works, then McLeod will have a new safety partner he'll have to get on the same page with. The only question if Jenkins is replaced would be if he will be replaced by a veteran like Will Parks? Or if the Eagles will use a high draft pick on a safety to slide into the starting role.

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