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Eagles Quarter-Season Accolades

This season has been chaotic. This TEAM has been chaotic. The Eagles were 1-2-1 through the first quarter of the season, and have since added another loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taking all of that into consideration, here's a look at the winners of our quarter-season accolades.

MVP: Carson Wentz

Now I know what everybody is thinking, and yes, he has played bad at times. But, we have seen this team goes where Carson goes. It brings up the argument of what MVP means; the best player or the most valuable. In this case, we went with what the acronym actually means -- most valuable player. Look what he is working with, Greg Ward is his #1 WR AGAIN this year (although Travis Fulgham is making a name for himself). We'll see he can turn the corner and become a legit MVP for this team moving forward.

Best Offensive Player: Miles Sanders

This one was obvious. Miles is easily the best player on this offense and has shown reliability as the workhorse 'back. It is entirely Doug's fault for not giving him all the carries he deserves. Miles is on pace for roughly 1,000 total rushing yards on the season.

Best Defensive Player: Darius Slay

18 receptions for 180 yards and no touchdowns -- that is what Slay allowed in the first four games of the season. On top of that, he allowed only an 85.8 passer rating when targeted. He is doing exactly what he is paid to do, shut down top wide receivers.

Biggest Surprise: Jordan Mailata

This offensive line is torn to shreds. Three or four starters out every week is difficult to deal with, and Week 1 showed it when Wentz was sacked eight times. But Jordan Mailata has played well for a guy that didn't know a thing about football three years ago. Mailata has spent time at both LT and RT so far this season but made his first career start at LT last week against the 49ers. There were moments in that game where he looked better than 49ers LT Trent Williams. Is he an All-Pro in the making?? Probably not. But he is definitely standing his ground out on the field.

Biggest Disappointment: WR Corp

Another year, another disappointment at WR. Alshon Jeffery hasn't played, DeSean Jackson is fickle, our 1st round pick is on IR, JJAW is still bad, and our best receiver is a converted QB. This just seems to be the "new norm" in Philly. Howie Roseman threw so many darts at the problem and so far none of them stuck in the first four games of the season. Now in the second quarter of the season, we'll see if newcomer Travis Fulgham can continue his hot streak.

Best Play: Alex Singleton Pick-Six

Everybody loves an underdog story. Was it an amazing feat of athleticism?? No, the ball was thrown right to him. But to see Singleton, the special teams ace who was only in the game for an injured TJ Edwards, get his first career interception and touchdown is good. In a year full of bad things, you can always look to that bright spot.

There is still plenty of season left for the Eagles to get their head in the game. Carson will hopefully get better. Miles should get more carries. Singleton should get more playing time. Lucky for Philadelphia, the NFC East is a dumpster fire, but it is their dumpster fire to lose.

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