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Eagles Quarter Season Accolades

The 2019 season is officially a quarter of the way done. There have been a lot of highs, and a lot of lows, but the Eagles are sitting smack in the middle at 2-2. We're handing out some accolades for the Eagles who impressed so far and for some Eagles that need to step their game up.

MVP: Carson Wentz

There is nobody more deserving on this team than Carson. He has put the team in a position to win every game this season, and they're only two or three plays away from 4-0. Carson has 963 passing yards on 60.7% Completion, with nine TDs to only two INTs and a QB rating of 95.3. If they could ever figure out that 1st Quarter offensive woes, his numbers will certainly skyrocket.

Best Offensive Player and Most Surprising Player: Brandon Brooks

Wentz could've easily been the Best Offensive Player, but I wanted to change it up. That being said, I could not think of anybody better or more surprising than Brooks. He is only 8 Months removed from that terrible Achilles Injury, and he is arguably the best player along the offensive line. Through 165 pass blocking snaps, he has not allowed a single sack or QB hit, and has only allowed 2 pressures so far. If he can keep up this level of play throughout the whole season he will be an All-Pro selection for the first time in his career.

Best Defensive Player: Brandon Graham

This may come as a surprise, but Brandon Graham is having a quietly good season. While he doesn't have a sack yet, he is putting a ton of pressure on the QB. So far this season, he has 26 QB pressures (11 of which came against Green Bay). The sacks will come in time. To think, we didn't know if he would be on the roster a couple of months ago.

Best Rookie: Miles Sanders

This one was very very easy, no other rookie has made that big of an impact. Miles has shown some flashes, as well as the obvious rookie growing pains. The Eagles really like Miles, evident by them finding ways to get him the ball. He has 445 all-purpose yards, 178 of those rushing yards. Fumbles have been an issue, but I believe in Duce's ability to teach him. I expect Miles to get his 1st career TD in the next two weeks (bold prediction?).

Biggest Disappointment: The Entire Secondary

We all expected the young cornerbacks to take big steps this offseason. There were quite a few fans and some media personnel that were saying "Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas will take over the reigns". They just aren't playing that well. Yes, the cornerbacks have two of the four INTs the defense has this season (Nate Gerry and Nigel Bradham have the other two), but outside of that there is nothing special. They're on pace to allow the most passing yards in a single season ever. That's definitely banner-worthy.

Best Play: Wentz to DJax 51 Yard TD vs Washington

I tossed around the idea of picking Miles Sanders' 67 Yard kick return, because that might have turned the season around. That being said, come on....DJAX. We have been waiting for this since he left. There is nothing more glorious than watching Carson Wentz throw the ball deep down field and DeSean Jackson tracking it the entire way and grabbing it in the endzone.

There is a lot of season to go, and it feels like the Eagles season can go basically in any direction. We'll see how they kick off the second quarter of the season in their game Sunday against the Jets.

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