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Eagles Pulled Out Familiar Play From 2012 to Help Beat Bears

With the game on the line on Sunday, Nick Foles kept his cool on 4th and goal and rolled to the right side of the field to find Golden Tate at the front of the endzone for a touchdown.

Did that play give any fans nostalgia? Because that play looked exactly like the final play of the Eagles-Buccaneers 2012 game where Nick Foles threw a game-winning touchdown to Jeremy Maclin.

When asked about the play at his post-game press conference, Doug Pederson confirmed it was the same play from the Buccaneers game.

Pederson was the team's quarterbacks coach back in 2012, so kudos to him on remembering a play from over half a decade ago that Foles ran successfully and had faith in him to make it work a second time. If that play doesn't work, we would be thinking about the offseason. Instead, the Eagles are planning ways to get their revenge on the New Orleans Saints this weekend.

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