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Eagles Insider Believes Corey Clement Will Overtake Jay Ajayi Soon

Jay Ajayi got off to a rough start in Thursday's season opener, but finished strong and ended up with two rushing TD's. Ajayi is in a contract year, and is expected to get a heavy workload this season for the defending Super Bowl champions. One person close to the team thinks that Ajayi might not be the lead back for much longer though. Instead, he thinks that Corey Clement will become the go-to guy in the backfield for the Eagles later this season.

Clement was a valuable piece to last year's team as the season went on. He started the year with barely any playing time, and by the time the Super Bowl came he was a key part of the running back rotation. The team might try the same route this season - rely on Ajayi and a veteran like Darren Sproles early, and then towards the end of the season (and postseason) get Clement more involved so that his fresh legs can make immediate impacts on the game. If the team keeps winning games with Ajayi as the lead back though, it might be hard for this prediction to come true.

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