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Eagles Give Nick Foles the $1 Million Incentive He Came Close to Unlocking

When he reworked his contract for the 2018 season, Nick Foles was given tons of incentives to rack up some money each time he suited up. One of the incentives was that for each game this year that Nick Foles played at least 33% of the snaps, he earned $250K. If the Eagles won the games that he played at least 33% of the snaps, he earned $250K more.

Another incentive was that if the Eagles made the playoffs and Foles played in at least 33% of the offense's snaps this season, he would make an extra $1 Million. The Eagles did end up making the playoffs, although in the final game of the season Foles had to leave early thanks to a chest injury. That injury lead to him coming up just four plays short of reaching the 33% threshold to collect his $1 Million. The Eagles could have let things go and save that money, but yesterday news came out that the team decided to give Foles the money he deserved.

This will certainly give the Eagles some good PR, as maybe Free Agents this offseason will see that the front office here in Philadelphia treats its players right and will want to play in this environment where they look out for their best players.

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