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Eagles Get Snubbed in the Official Hype Video for the Playoffs

It's nothing new that the Philadelphia Eagles get no respect in this league, but after seeing the official hype video for the playoffs had me seeing red. In total it's just one minute long showing all of the contenders for the Lombardi Trophy several times. The Eagles had precisely zero seconds of face time in it.

To be honest I can't believe it, and I certainly do not have any idea why they are not in it at all, not even a jersey, fan, or the team.

I hope that this will enrage the Eagles players back into their underdog status where they tend to dominate in, and ride that wave to get that Lombardi trophy once again. I would love to see the faces of the NFL and all of its fans if they were able to pull off a run like that again.

So to everyone who counted the Birds out you better get ready for a fight. They may be the underdogs once again, but they are hungry and won't back down till they get what they want. They are going to make sure the NFL regrets looking over them.

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