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Eagles Fans Will Probably Destroy ESPN's "Booger Mobile" on Monday Night

If you've watched Monday Night Football this season, you have seen this disaster of an idea that ESPN created this season known as the "Booger Mobile." Sideline analyst Booger McFarland goes back and forth on the sideline on his gadget to watch plays up close and while doing so, completely blocking the view of the field that fans paid good amounts of money to see.

After getting backfire for the contraption, ESPN released a statement basically saying they are gonna stick with the idea no matter what.

ESPN did make some modifications to the mobile, getting rid of the big-screen TV and adding plexiglass. Fans still aren't satisfied though and want the "Booger Mobile" gone for good.

Eagles fans are giving ESPN a fair warning to not let McFarland block their view on Monday Night in the biggest game of the season for the Birds. If ESPN keep things as is, then Eagles fans are promising that objects will be thrown at the "Booger Mobile"

They've given you enough leeway to pull the plug on the concept (for at least this week) ESPN....don't put yourselves in a position to upset Eagles fans that are already in a bad mood from how the Eagles season has turned out so far.

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