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Eagles Fans Set to Invade Opponents Stadium in 2021

As the world slowly returns to "normal", football stadiums are expected to be full when the 2021 NFL season gets under way in September. That's good news for Eagles fans, as not only will they be able to go back into Lincoln Financial Field, but they'll also be able to invade opponents' stadiums!

Through Phans of Philly, Eagles fans have plenty of fun options for road trips for away games this season. Obviously there will be stops in Dallas (Cowboys), New York (Giants/Jets), and Washington (Football Team), but there are also some rarer options available with this year's away schedule.

Birds fans can fly south when the Eagles go down to party towns like Carolina (Panthers) and Atlanta (Falcons). Fans could also go further north and explore Detroit (Lions). The coolest trips will be out west though; fans will have the chance to go to Denver (Broncos) for the first time in eight years and they will also have a chance to explore Las Vegas (Raiders) for the first time ever.

Back in 2018, Phans of Philly took 1,500 Flyers fans to Sin City the weekend after the Super Bowl LII parade, as the Flyers took on the Vegas Golden Knights for the first time in their history. The partying was non-stop and the good vibes will definitely continue when there's a sea of midnight green invading the Vegas strip! Plan and book your trip through Phans of Philly today!

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