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Eagles Fan Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend, Putting Dog in Microwave After Loss to Saints

After Sunday's loss to the Saints, Eagles fans online changed public perception by showing nothing but love to Alshon Jeffery after Jeffery dropped a pass that lead to a game-ending interception and eliminated the Eagles from the playoffs.

It was nice to see that fans online seemed to handle the loss well, but one fan in particular didn't end up taking the loss in stride. Instead, she is now accused of animal cruelty, assault, and harassment.

"Colonial Regional police were dispatched at 9:40 p.m. Sunday to the hotel at 300 Gateway Drive and spoke to a woman who said she had just got into an argument and fight with her girlfriend. Police could see blood on the woman’s left ear and a cut on her nose and left cheek."

Once the game ended, Kirsten J. Gaskins started the assault, and then threatened her girlfriend that if she left the room, she would kill her dog. Gaskins didn't kill the dog though, she placed the  white Pomeranian inside the microwave in the hotel room before she fled. She was later caught by police, and has been arrested and since released on bail.

Hopefully Gaskins was just a bandwagon-er who started watching the Eagles once they won the Super Bowl last year. Since she has shown she can't handle it, maybe she will give up on watching football from now on.



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