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Eagles Expect DeSean Jackson to Return Punts in 2019

One thing that Eagles fans have had nostalgia for is to watch DeSean Jackson return punts. Back in the late 2000s, Jackson's returns were so electrifying that fans at the Linc would always stay in their seats after the defense caused a 4th down instead of quickly running to the bathroom or concession stands before the offense took the field.

Even though he is extremely valuable to the offense, with Jackson finally back in midnight green we might be getting ready to see him retuning punts for the Birds in 2019.

Of course returning punts increases your chances at getting injured, but Jackson is ready to prove his durability in his return to Philadelphia. Jackson (1,294) is just 76 yards away from becoming the Eagles all-time punt return yards leader (Brian Mitchell - 1,369), which could be a motivating factor of wanting to return punts again more regularly. Jackson is also tied with Darren Sproles for the most punt return touchdowns in Eagles history with four returns.

Below you can rewatch all four of his return touchdowns to get yourself hyped up for him returning punts in 2019.

His first return touchdown was in his rookie year against the Redskins.

The following season saw Jackson take two punts to the house. The first punt return was against the Carolina Panthers in the 2009 season opener.

His second return of 2009 was against the New York Giants, which was a precursor to a more important return against the Giants a season later.

His last return touchdown as an Eagle was one of the greatest plays in NFL history, as everyone now refers to it as The Miracle at the Meadowlands II.

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