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Eagles Disclose Laundry List of Injuries

During a disappointing showing in Thursday's preseason game against the Titans, the Eagles had to watch their backup quarterback break his wrist. The team is now taking an extremely cautious approach with the rest of the team, as today they announced a slew of injuries that will be keeping players off the field for a little while.

Lane Johnson and Dallas Goedert will now likely not be seeing any action the rest of the preseason, the rest of the starting offense might end up resting in those games as well.

The harshest of the injuries listed are probably those of Blake Countess, Shelton Gibson and Hassan Ridgeway. All three of those guys are in battles trying to win some of the final spots, and injuries this time of year are going to hinder their chances, as they need as much film as possible to show their coaches they deserve to be on the final 53-man roster.

The preseason is gonna be even harder to watch now, but as long as all of the projected starters are healthy for Week 1 for Washington, then this will all be worth it.

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