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Eagles Defense Wants Fans to Wear Ski Masks at the Linc

Forget about the University of Miami's "turnover chain", the Eagles have something better for their defense - the turnover ski mask.

This new idea appeared to have started in Week 14 against the Dallas Cowboys. It was quickly used by Malcolm Jenkins when the team forced that opening kickoff fumble that the refs said never happened.

When asked about the mask, safety Rodney McLeod said “It’s kind of been motivating the guys. It’s just a mentality we’ve been having. When we go out there, we put the mask on. We’re out there for business, and to take what’s ours.”

Before the Eagles introduced their ski mask prop, the defense only forced eight turnovers. Now in the past two games since implementing the ski mask, they have forced six turnovers. Clearly it has provided them a lot of motivation, which is exactly why McLoud wants fans to come to Sunday's game against the Texans sporting ski masks “we say it’s robbing season. It’s thievery. Hopefully the fans come out next week and wear the masks with us in the stands. That’d be cool."

Avonte Maddox isn't new to props for turnovers, as he sported a turnover chain of his own last year at Pitt. He is also on board with the ski mask movement making its way to the Linc.

If everyone listens and wears masks to the game, maybe the Texans will just forfeit the game from intimidation.

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