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Eagles Continue to be Underdogs

It's time to bust out the dog masks from 2017, because the Eagles are once again underdogs for this Sunday's game. The Cowboys have not looked good for the past month, that is until their game against the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday. Despite the way that they have been playing, the Dallas Cowboys are still favorites with 2.5 points for Sunday's game against the Birds.

This game is the absolute game of the season for both teams, as they are both 7-7 and the NFC East crown depends on this game. If the Eagles lose, they will be eliminated from playoffs and the Cowboys will win their 2nd straight NFC East crown. If the Eagles win, they would just need to beat the New York Giants in Week 17 (or have the Cowboys lose to the Washington Redskins in Week) and they will be NFC East Champions for the second time in three years.

I stand by my belief that the Eagles play better as Underdogs, just look at this season. Every team they were expected to kill they lost to, and teams they were expected to get killed by they beat. This game can go absolutely either way, and I predict its gonna be a three point game either way. I believe the score will go back and forth, and the game will keep fans on the edge of their seats the entire time. I'm ready for this game to go down in history as one of the biggest games ever in this historic rivalry.



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