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Eagles Anticipate Signing Army Offensive Lineman

The Eagles lost one offensive lineman when they traded Ryan Bates to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for Eli Harold.

Now they seem to have their sights set on bringing in another lineman to replace Bates, as they are looking at Army tackle Brett Toth.

"President Donald Trump said in May he would allow military academy athletes to get waivers to join pro sports teams upon graduation...Toth is waiting for Army leadership to allow him to sign his contract with the Eagles and try to win a spot on their roster."

Toth does has the talent to make a name for himself, as he became the first player from West Point to play in the Senior Bowl this year. Now Toth and the Eagles will have to play the waiting game to see if he will be eligible to compete for a roster spot.

This would be the second Army player in recent memory the Eagles would be bringing in. In 2014, the Eagles signed Alejandro Villanueva and tried to make him into a defensive end. After that project didn't go well he was released and picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers who have turned him into a Pro Bowl tackle.

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