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Eagles Announce 2022 Team Captains

Back in 2017, the Eagles moved away from naming weekly captains and instead picked a handful of captains for the entire season. I guess winning a Super Bowl that season made that decision a permanent one, as the team announced for the sixth straight season that they will have captains set for the full season.

The captains for the 2022 season are as follows:

Offense: QB Jalen Hurts, C Jason Kelce, RT Lane Johnson

Defense: DE Brandon Graham, DT Fletcher Cox, CB Darius Slay

Special Teams: K Jake Elliott

The most notable captain this year is Darius Slay, who apparently had to hold back tears when he found out he was elected as a captain for the first time in his career.

There is one more captain this season than back in 2021, when the team only elected 6 captains.

This season the team has less total captains on the team, as last year there were eight captains.

The team only had five captains each from 2017-2019.

Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox have now been captains five times, which is significant because now they will each have the gold captain's badge for 5+ years of captaincy.


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