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Eagles Already Lose Two Players to Injury Indefinitely

Well, it looks like the injury bug from last season never went away and the Eagles are already dealing with huge losses to their defense. The team reported this afternoon that Javon Hargrave and Derek Barnett are both out indefinitely due to injury.

Hargrave, who was probably their biggest free agency pick up this offseason, suffered from what the team is calling an “upper-body injury” and will be out for multiple weeks. Barnett, the 4th year defensive end is suffering from a lower-body injury and will be “week to week”.

From how it sounds, multiple weeks seems more severe than a week to week but due to the little amount of information the Eagles provided this afternoon, it’s hard to determine how long both players will be sidelined. Barnett’s injury seems less serious compared to Hargrave but with his history of injuries, we won’t know for certain until there is more information.

***UPDATE: Hargrave pec strain that does not require surgery. Sounds like he will be ready for Week 1.

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