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Eagles 2020 Fantasy Outlook

There is nothing quite like rooting for your favorite Eagle on Sundays, especially when they are on your fantasy football roster. Over the past few seasons, Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz have been top 10 at their respective positions, but two of the lower end positions on a fantasy roster. This year is different. This year, there is a ton of excitement around this Eagles offense, and that means fantasy football hype outside the QB and TE position for the Eagles.

Most leagues are set up with PPR (points per reception) these days. Our analysis is based on that scoring set up. If your commish has yet to make the leap to PPR, I am sorry, but unfortunately, they make the rules. Here is a position by position breakdown for realistic fantasy expectations for your favorite Eagles players.


Carson Wentz - Carson Wentz is currently rated as QB9 according to ESPN's ratings. This is a pretty fair grade for Wentz, given the list ahead of him, and the risk in drafting Wentz too early given his injury history. Wentz is a risk I'd be all for taking this season, especially with his current average draft position. The Eagles offense has added weapons on the outside, which should open things for Wentz underneath.


Miles Sanders - The star of the Eagles offense (for fantasy football purposes). Sanders is the highest-rated player for the Eagles since LeSean McCoy, and for good reason. Sanders was a top-10 RB over the last eight weeks of 2019, which is when he took over full-time duties for the Eagles. Duce Staley has had high praises for the 2nd-year 'back, and Doug Pederson has essentially said "this is our guy". Sanders is creeping into the top-10 of Philadelphia area fantasy football drafts, because again - there is nothing better than being able to root for your superstar in fantasy when he is on your favorite team too. If you aren't local to the Philadelphia area, and your league is not filled with Eagles fans, you may be able to get Sanders in the late 1st or early 2nd-round. If you can land Sanders on your fantasy team this year, especially in a PPR league, consider yourself the champion.

Boston Scott - Boston came on strong for the Eagles late last year, and can be a PPR flex fill in this year. I do not recommend drafting Scott as a starter in PPR, and he is better left undrafted in non-PPR leagues.


DeSean Jackson - The top-rated Eagles WR for fantasy football purposes - DeSean can put up big points on any given week, but put up a goose egg the next. That has been DeSean throughout his entire career. There is also the injury factor for Jackson as well. After putting up a 50 burger in Week 1 last year, that was about the extent of his output for 2019. Proceed with caution here, and DO NOT draft DeSean as a starter for your team.

Jalen Reagor - Before his injury, I would have recommended drafting Reagor much higher than his current ranking (WR55). Reagor was slated to be a huge part of the Eagles offense heading into @eek 1. Now, he is expected to miss the first two weeks (at minimum). This will surely lower his draft stock, but still is worth keeping an eye on in the last two rounds of the draft.

Alshon Jeffrey - This is also a name to keep an eye on later in drafts. Alshon is expected to come back sometime around or even before Week 6. Upon his return, Alshon is going to be rejoining an offense that has a lot of firepower, and can potentially be a depth piece for bye weeks, or even a flex player. Look to draft Alshon late to stash for the first quarter of the season, or roll the dice and wait a couple of weeks before grabbing him on the waiver wire.

John Hightower - Draft him, or expect him to be picked up off the waiver wire early into the season. Hightower has been generating buzz this offseason, and with Reagor's injury, he only has to surpass J.J Arcega-Whiteside for playing time. I would draft Hightower over JJAW.


Zach Ertz - With the outside help added this season, I think Ertz will have a lot of room to work in this offense. Teams will have to respect the speed, as well as the run - leaving Ertz and Dallas Goedert to work the middle of the field. Ertz is currently being drafted as the 4th TE behind Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Mark Andrews. I think this is a fair position for Ertz, and this reflects the respect that is being shown to Goedert.

Dallas Goedert - Goedert is currently-ranked the 19th rated TE for fantasy football this year. Obviously Ertz is the go-to TE for this offense. However, Goedert can be a great bench stash, or handcuff if you have drafted Ertz. Goedert can be a solid fill-in during a bye week later in the season, where you hope for a TD from the backup TE.

DEFENSE - The Eagles' defense is a wildcard. I would not draft them as my starting defense, but surely keep an eye on them for the waiver wire, as they will have plenty of matchups against poor or average offenses.


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