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Eagles 2020 Depth Chart (Version 1.0)

The Eagles have made some important changes to their roster this offseason. After the first few days of free agency, here is what the depth chart looks like on both sides of the ball:

Obviously this is not what the roster will look like when the regular season comes around. We still have to wait for the draft and any other lingering free agency signing or trades. But there are definitely some notes to take from this current roster:

• The QB room is probably set. The team will likely either bring in a developmental UDFA or a low-level veteran in the fourth-string role to compete with Lauletta, but Lauletta should be the favorite to win the third-string role.

•The Eagles will probably address the running back position in the draft with a mid-to-later round pick, or possibly a UDFA who breaks out. Sanders and Scott will be the #1 and #2, but whoever the rookie(s) are will likely get the third-string and fourth-string spots.

•I like Perkins as the third-string tight end, but it doesn't feel like the Eagles are comfortable with that. They want a reliable third-string tight end in case Ertz or Goedert go down with injury, that way they can still run 12-personnel. They might try to find a cheap veteran or use a late-round pick os sign a UDFA to compete for the third-string role.

• The receiver looks like a mess right now. Obviously if a guy like Robby Anderson or Demarcus Robinson isn't signed in free agency, they will need to use at least two of their high-round picks on pass catchers.

• Tackle depth will need to be addressed. If Jason Peters accepts a backup role that would be the best-case scenario. If not either a cheap veteran or a mid-round pick should be used to address the tackle depth on both sides.

•Outside of Graham and Barnett, the rest of the outside pass rushers are unproven. I wouldn't be surprised if Howie tried acquiring a big-name DE in some way to bolster that unit.

•If they stay healthy, the DTs might be the best group of DTs in the NFL. They will help generate a steady pass rush, which will emphatically help the secondary.

•The linebacker position is a mess. They missed out on all the top free agents, and I don't think Howie values the position enough to invest an early draft pick on the position. Look for the team to maybe use late-round picks or try to find a diamond in the rough UDFA to pick up the slack.

•The addition of Slay makes the cornerback unit look much better. It could become borderline elite if Howie uses a first or second-round pick on a corner.

•The safety looks absolutely shaky at best. McLeod will be on the wrong side of 30 when the season starts, Jalen Mills has never played the position in the pros, and the depth is filled with training camp bodies essentially. I would hope the team uses a few picks (especially an early one) to address the last line of defense.

After the trade for Slay, the Eagles are now down to eight draft picks for the upcoming draft (one 1st round, one 2nd round, one 3rd round, three 4th round, one 5th round, and one 6th round). Roseman and his scouts will have to hit on quite a few of those picks for the roster holes to be completed plugged. As of now though, as long as some of the draft picks contribute positively to the 2020 Eagles, there should be postseason football in Philadelphia.

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