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Duce Staley to Part Ways With Eagles

In the past few weeks there seemed to be some steam building towards Duce Staley potentially becoming the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Now that the team has picked Nick Sirianni instead, Staley now wants out of Philadelphia to explore other opportunities in the league. The Eagles are expected to grant him his wish.

Staley has been on the Eagles coaching staff since 2012 and was able to work his way up to assistant head coach. It seems though his ultimate goal is to become a head coach in the league (or at the very least be able to make play calls as an offensive coordinator).

Now the team will need to fill a big hole and find a new running backs coach who can coach up the unit as well as Staley did in his tenure here. Since the team had success with Staley, some wishful thinking would be that they maybe reach out to other former team running backs like Brian Westbrook or LeSean McCoy (if he choses to retire).



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