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Drunk Eagles Fan Crashes Doug Pederson's Press Conference

First off, I want to know this guys name so I can get in contact with him so that I can do an interview to see how he pulled this off.... if he remembers. If you are this guy or you know him, please leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you. However, since we do not know that information yet, I want to go over the scenario and then make some guesses on how it happened.

If you aren't sure what I am talking about, please watch the video below.

Now that you have gotten a good laugh, I want to applaud this man and his friend. They were able to get into the room with the media and ask Doug Pederson a question. Not only did they do that, they also cut off that clown Howard Eskin, which gets a standing ovation from me. I know, the fan's question wasn't great since Eli Manning will be on the sidelines next week and the Eagles play Daniel Jones. Hear me out, what if this guy knows something we don't and the Giants are pulling an audible and starting Eli to throw us off? Now we won't know until Sunday since the security guard so rudely interrupted him before he got his answer.

I think we need to look at this man as the next Rocky for the city of Philadelphia in the fact that he is the underdog story. Maybe he always dreamed of being a sports reporter and he took the bull by the horns. Maybe he promised his parents he would try and tell Doug thank you for all he has done for the Eagles. Maybe he was looking for the bathroom and made a wrong turn and ended up there. The options are endless on what could have happened, but I want to believe that he was there for a bigger reason than any of us will know.



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