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Doug Wants Up-Tempo

Nick Foles started his 27TD-2INT 2013 season off against the Buccaneers. That was Nick’s first start that season, and he didn’t look back. This week facing the same team, the Eagles are looking to get an offense back on track that wasn’t able to gain any traction for 2.5 quarters last week. Doug’s plan to make that happen — up tempo offense.

It’s been no secret that during last season's Super Bowl run the Eagles went back to what Foles was good at. “RPO” became as popular an acronym as NBC. Doug wants to use tempo to get Foles into a rhythm, saying “I think it's a good way to get the QB into rhythm. Early in games find plays that are completion-type plays.”

Eagles fans are looking forward to having Carson Wentz back under center, but winning this game to start 2-0 without Carson will be huge going forward. Getting the offense back on track and ready for Wentz’s return will show just how great and adaptable a coach Doug Pederson truly is.



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