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Doug Pederson Wants to Give Carries to Jordan Mailata

After the Eagles selected Jordan Mailata in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL Draft, fans took to Youtube to see his amazing highlight reel of bulldozing opponents in rugby. The team announced they would be trying him out at Left Tackle, but many fans called to let him try running the ball every now and then to see if he can bulldoze NFL players as well.

So far that wish hasn't come true,  but when asked today about the possibility of giving Mailata snaps at Runningback in the future, Doug Pederson had this to say:

"He is definitely used to carrying a larger football. Very athletic guy. It is intriguing...It is not out of the question.”

This wouldn't be the first time Pederson played a lineman out of position - in the 2016 season-opener against the Cleveland  he put Beau Allen in at Fullback to help clear a path for a Ryan Mathews touchdown.

It doesn't seem likely that Pederson would give this idea a try this season, since Mailata is still learning how to play the position the Eagles want him to play for the next decade. Still, it is exciting to think about this becoming a possibility for years to come, and how successful it could be.

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